Happy Easter!

Okay… its been a while.

OKAY… its been a week.

But I hate leaving my blog for too long, so it’s not like I’ve been abandoning it. And I have my reasons!

For the past few days I’ve been at a Camper van festival, and as it is hosted in a few giant fields, of course, no signal. So, no blog. Anyway, I go there every year, and I always come back with arm full of nick-nacks I’ve brought from the many, many stalls. This year I came back with:

4 Voo-Doo dolls,

A Voo-Doo badge (see the theme??),

A super-cool skull hat, and…

A toy dog. (Hey-I’m never too old for toy dogs!)

So anyway, I hope your all enjoying your massive, unhealthy, disgustingly-gooey, revolting chocolate eggs. As you’ve probably guessed, I’m not a fan of chocolate. But I can still stuff my face full of biscuits. Furthermore… happy Easter! 😀



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