“The men who howled”-horror story.

I wrote this short story a few years ago, enjoy!


It is a dark and stormy night. Two men stood talking on the top of a farm hillside.

“Zombies, ghosts… vampires,” one sighed. “who believes in all that nonsense? I mean, if you believe all that lot, then pigs can fly!”

“Those farmers would have a hard time controlling them!” exclaimed the second.

“Hawhawhawhawhawhawhaw!” the men chuckled, placing their hairy hands onto their round, broad stomachs.

“They’ll have a hard time tonight, anyway.” one of them muttered. The second man nodded his head in agreement.

Suddenly, the wind started to howl, and as if on cue, the fog parted in the sky to reveal the glowing, full moon. The silvery rays shined down on the two men, and if you were watching them that windy night, you would have seen them, well, change….  

“I’ve been waitin’ for this all month!” said the first man. His voice no longer sounded like his, it was more of a growl.

“Great spot as well. Those cows look reeeeeeaaaaaly delicious….” Fur started to sprout from every corner of the man’s body, and now, he didn’t have a nose, just a long pointed snout.


The two men could no longer speak English. But they didn’t need to now, as because they had already bounded down the grassy hill and into the nearby farm.

On all four of their legs.

Two spine-tingling howls broke the peace in the meadows, but this time, it wasn’t the wind….  


2 thoughts on ““The men who howled”-horror story.

  1. This one got me thinking in the first sentence. I thought, “Uh-oh. Something’s out to get them while they sit around discussing the supernatural.” And then I got towards the ending and realized my train of thought was in the wrong direction. Werewolves! I didn’t see that one coming! 😀 It was a great surprise.

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