Bee on a sugar rush!

Bee on a sugar rush!

Apparently, if you find a bee that seems a bit drunk (that means of it is twitching slightly on the ground, but clearly alive…NOT spinning around crazily!!), you’re meant to give it some sugary water. Every two and a half hours they need something sugary, as they are always eight hours away from death. Life’s hard as a bee…. 😦
My mum did just that yesterday! We found a poorly looking bee on the floor (luckily Nathan was asleep on her basket), and my mum took him-or her-outside on the wall and gave him/her some sugary water on a tiny bowl of tin-foil. A while later, he had vanished, and all we could do was HOPE he/she made it into the next eight hours of his/her life.
Wait… what if he/she comes back for more?? And recommends us to the whole bee community?! What if we become a famous Bee-Café known for our life-saving drinks??!!
Great. Now we’re probably going to create a new race of sugar-rush-bees. But as it saves their lives, you readers try it to. See a bee that seems a bit ill, take it outside (probably up on a wall) and give it some sugar water. DON’T do the kiss of life on it!!


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