“Look!! Look!”

When I was told there was a hot-air balloon above my house, of course I was exited-who wouldn’t be?! 😀 But it wasn’t properly above my house…so when I charged outside like a little kid, I didn’t get very good photos. But they’re better then nothing-right? And something well-cool to blog about.


Hmmmmmm…very blurry, balloon barely visible, not the best photos I’ve taken. But it was a hot-air balloon!! Who needs photos to show how Epical they are?? I plan to ride on one one day. But here are two questions that have probably got a simple answer, but I still don’t know it yet.

  1. How do they land…?
  2. And how do they steer so they know where to land…?

If I one day do get to ride in one and float into the endless sky-I wanna’ know how and where to land!!


Your turn! What do you think...?

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