“Freak Fingers”-Horror story: part 1 (By me!)

I once told this story to some girls in a tent on holiday. The next night, no one wanted to share with me. As you probably see, it’s a lot longer then 13 words, so I’ll post he other part tomorrow.


There once was a short-tempered old man. He was a very strange old man who lived in a even stranger house. It was very tall, and lent over to one side. The windows were cracked or boarded up, and the house also had a front garden, but the grass hadn’t been cut for over ten years! Sticking out of the knee high grass were signs that said: “gO aWAy” and kEEp oUT!!!” This was because the children in the village mocked the old man long, and bony fingers, that were twice as long as any normal person’s fingers!

Whenever children passed the old man’s house, they would yell things like “Freak Fingers!” and “Mutant man!!” then throw rocks at the house. (This was why the windows were shattered or boarded up.)

The poor old man would sometimes come running out of his house in his apron, or even in his pyjamas yelling, “Clear off you riff-raff!!” and would sometimes even swear, if he was REALLY in a bad mood. Only, this just made the child laugh harder. Although, one day, they pushed too far….

Everything began when the old man was chopping up meat with a long, sharp knife. He had to be especially careful because with his spidery fingers, one wrong move would mean chopping off one of his fingers.

He hadn’t been chopping up meat for more then five minuets when a familiar, childish chanting started…. “Freak Fingers! Freak Fingers! Freak Fingers! Freak Fing-”

“YOU HORENDOUS LITTLE WIPPERSNAPPERS BETTER PIPE DOWN OR I’LL MAKE YOU!!!” bellowed the old man. He was going to carry on shouting when something long, something sharp had fallen into the old man’s chest.

The knife.

He was so busy yelling at the children, the knife had slipped from the old man’s clumsy grip, and plunged into his heart. “Revenge will be mine….” were his last words, and they were not forgotten by the children…

or the old man. 

To be continued….



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