“Freak Fingers”-Horror story: part 2 (By me!)

Here’s what you’ve all been waiting for… Freak Fingers part 2! (Part 1 URL: https://lalloganr.wordpress.com/2014/05/05/freak-fingers-horror-story-part-1-by-me/)

Hope you like it….

No one knew the old man, never mind liked him, so his corpse was left to rot on his front garden. (The grass was so tall no one could even see his body!) But, as we just read, the old man swore revenge, and that’s what he got.

His first attack was on the night he died, to a boy called Frank. Frank was the ringleader of the boys (and two girls) who tormented the old man. He was the only child who wasn’t even a little bit worried of what the old man’s last words were.

“Oh c’mon guys, it’s not like he’s gonna come back from the dead! Hahahahaha!” laughed Frank, and sauntered back home.

It was the dead of night when old man attacked though. The village was silent, the full moon hung limply in the sky like a lone light bulb, shining its brightest, every child in the village was fast asleep, Freak Fingers, awoke.

The stinking corpse trudged over to Frank’s house, stotted its long, tree-branch like fingers into their rusting keyhole, and silently pushed the door open, and stepped into the house.

Its rotting feet stuck to the perfectly white carpet and it passed a restless dog sitting upright and alert from the room before, however, it hardly made a whimper at the sight of the grim remains of the old man.

It trudged through pristine hallways, totally ignoring Franks snoring parents. It didn’t want them. It wanted Frank.

Across the hallway, a terrified Frank sat up rigid in his bed. He could off sworn he heard footsteps…. He gulped. It was just like his horrible nightmare-a serial killer hunting him down in the dead of night, except this time…it was real. But there was another key difference, it wasn’t a serial killer that was hunting down Frank….

It was Freak Fingers.

Frank’s piercing scream of horrific fear and pain was enough to send the dead boy’s parents waking like a lightning bolt had hit them, and stampeding into his room. What they saw flailed out on their son’s bed was no longer their son-but Freak Fingers first victim.

Yes, there were more. Hundreds more of poor, (sometimes innocent) children were made to suffer Freak Finger’s terrible wrath. Full moon is when he’s at his worst, on a murdering massacre. It won’t care if you never even knew it existed. It won’t care if you feared or admired its blood-stained fingers-but you won’t for long. Because the next time you see those deadly fingers, they’ll be tearing into your chest and removing your beating heart. Yes, that’s the reason why he is feared throughout the country. So parents-don’t take that risk. Don’t carelessly leave your windows and doors unlocked at night…because you’ll have yourself to blame when you hear your child’s screams in the night.

Because, even after all those years, all those victims and all those screams-it still isn’t satisfied. Fear those footsteps that echo down your hallway at midnight, as Freak Fingers…IS STILL ON THE LOOSE!!



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