My Dentist visit…help!

As you know from my last post ( I said I was going to the Dentist’s. Hooray. It was only a quick check up, but if it earns a post… you know something interesting happened.

For once, I didn’t have to wait too long but I still managed to watch a few film Ads on the T.V. Then my name was called. Nearly straight away I got comfy on the grey, hard electronic chair. Well, as comfy as you can get on one of those terrible chairs. If it didn’t smell so bad and could spin and rise faster, I wouldn’t mind one in my room.

Anyway, my Dentist took some scary-looking metal instruments of torture things out of a plastic bag and started poking and prodding around in my mouth. It didn’t hurt, it was just a bit uncomfortable. She was also wearing some horrible blue rubber gloves, and they tasted gross. I didn’t EAT them! No, it was just as they were in my mouth I couldn’t help tasting them. You know what I mean. Probably.

So she carried on rummaging around in my mouth, saying odd words and numbers to the other person at the computer, while my jaw stayed locked open. I had some gel stuff put in by my teeth, she numbed my mouth (that really DID taste gross!!), the usual. Then she found the wobbly tooth at the back of my mouth, it had been wobbly for ages, I could never get it out! Then the Dentist said it would have to come out some time. Oh dear. Luckily, I had only had one tooth taken out in my whole life-but it had HURT. Badly. But I relaxed cause it wasn’t coming out now. Well….

That’s what I thought….

She said she’d have to measure my tooth. I thought that was odd. How can you even measure teeth until they’re out your mouth?! She told me to open. I did. But I was a second too late when I saw the teeth-shaped pliers in her hand. What does she need those for…? I thought. Then it hit me. Wait- The Dentist must have seen the look on my face because she had to quickly shove the pliers in my mouth, clamp them down on my tooth and pull it out before I even realised!! How sneaky!

I then had to have some weird cloth put in my mouth to stop the blood. I was told I had to clamp down for half an hour! It made my voice sound all lisp-y and muffled. And my jaw hurt. 😦 What really bummed was that I couldn’t eat OR drink for another half an hour as well-and I was hungry! All I had to eat for hours was just a few biscuits. (Yum….)

When that half an hour was finally up, I took out the cloth and timidly felt the horrid gap were my tooth had been. That’s one of the worst feelings, I think. Feeling that sore gap between your teeth… and eating is a real pain to! I still have that terrible dentist taste in my mouth, even after all those hours. Yuck.

Before my half hour was up, my mum was eating some Quavers, and offered me the rest. “You’re torturing me!” I wailed.

“I’m only giving you the rest!” she replied.

I gave her a look. “Oh yes! The Dentist-I forgot, sorry!”

I glared. Hard.

WIN_20140508_201444 WIN_20140508_201317 WIN_20140508_201357

Then many faces of me through my Dentist ordeal.




5 thoughts on “My Dentist visit…help!

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  2. ha ha, love the pictures. It must have been scary having your dentist stick the instrument in your mouth all of the sudden.

    Ah, I forgot what it was like to have a dentist pull out my tooth. After my first time of having my tooth pulled by a Chinese dentist (he didn’t even numb my mouth before pulling out the pliers!) I didn’t go to the dentist again until I came to the U.S.

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