One bored Dragon….

Today has been a total nothing day. There isn’t much to blog about really. Correction-nothing to blog about. So here is a dragon I doodled in my boredom….->

ImageHe’s sleepy to. I feel like I could fall asleep, but I still feel like I should be keeping myself busy. So I blog. But I feel so uninspired… but there is always something to blog about, all you have to do is start writing and it will come to you. I mean typing. Whatever.

Nathan is in her malting season to add to the random-ness. I always wear green-and-black gloves, but now whenever I stroke her they come back sprinkled with white hairs. I just stroked her and-eeeew. Now there are hairs on the keyboard. It’s not her fault but it is a pain when you have to keep blowing the screen cause hairs are dashed across it.

I’m off to play Simpsons Monopoly now. Its like Monopoly but… Simpson-afield. It’s way cooler then normal Monopoly, I think. You have to pay attention in Monopoly so I gotta go now otherwise I could loose some cash BIG TIME. 🙂  



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