13 word Horror Stories-12 (And some life saving ghost-hunting advice.)

This is a highly annoying and stupid mistake some people make when writing horror stories. Here is a quick 13-word example….

“Oh gosh!” I gasped. “A dead body!! Lets continue into this haunted mansion.”

Any sane person would think, “Ahhhhhggggg!!! A dead body! Quick-lets get outa here!!” But no, according to these kids, if you find a dead body in a haunted house-it’s perfectly normal (And safe. Don’t forget safe.) to carry on exploring. Don’t! You really don’t want to be know as the idiot who thought it was a cool idea to practically hand themselves over to a ghost club!

Honestly…I’d leave it to the Ghost Busters. Unless you are a Ghost Buster-then your kind of stuck.


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