13 word Horror Stories-18

This is why I don’t have a pet cat….

“Thanks for babysitting my cat!”

“When did you say she was a TIGER??!”

Looked out the window and saw next-doors brave little kitten venturing out into our garden. One thought crossed my mind….Once Nathan gets a whiff of that she is NOT going to be pleased…. I suppose she only dislikes cats because I remember when she was a puppy and first approced a big ginger cat, it hissed and arched its back at her. Not really far of it, as she just wanted to play, however it was a very important lesson for her! She wasn’t touched though. 

So ever since after that Nathan has always barked and chased after any cat in sight. Maybe…maybe it’s her way of playing with them?!

I don’t think so. 


Your turn! What do you think...?

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