“Wreck this Journal”: non-book review! (By Kerl Smith)

I’m calling this a “non-book review” because it’s not really a proper review, I’m just saying how Epical this book is and how anyone, any age can have so much fun out of it.
Does that count as a review?
Anyway, “Wreck this Journal”(by Kerl Smith) isn’t a story, fiction OR non-fiction, it’s just instructions of how to…wreck that journal. Yes, literally. Here’s a extract, “MAKE A SUDDEN, DESTRUCTIVE, UNPREDICTABLE MOVEMENT WITH THE JOURNAL.” Another, “DRUM ON THIS PAGE WITH PENCILS.” One more, “FIND A WAY TO WEAR THE JOURNAL.” See a theme?
On each page there is a sentence of instructions that you have to follow. After a day of wrecking, your neat, thin inviting journal ends up as smelly, lumpy, bulging, crumpled…mess. But with ages of entertainment and loose rules, I highly recommend this creative book to anyone who gets told, “You should look after your books more!” and anyone who says that to others.
Quick-of to WHSmiths…and enjoy! 🙂


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