I was robbed by a balloon. And the sea.

I have a tendency to be robbed by things that aren’t even alive: a balloon, the sea-how will I cope later on in life with real live robbers on the loose?? Let me explain….

The day I was robbed by the Cornish sea.

This was when I was only a little kid on summer holiday with a bunch of friends. That day, waves were CRAZY-they towered twice as high over me, and had enough power to send you crashing back onto land, sand in your hair, arms and legs numb with the cold. But the fun and excitement kept me going…I loved it! But of course, for some reason, that wasn’t enough for me.

I had to go snorkelling.

First I tried walking into the sea with my flippers, goggles and everything on me…I didn’t even get to ankle-heighted waves before I was nearly knocked of my feet. Then I decided to put my flippers on in the waist height waves…no way did that work. Even if I wasn’t blown off my feet, I could barely see out of my goggles, plastered with sand! But then I had a “brilliant” plan-what if I walked out into waist height water, goggles under my arm, then put my flippers on?! For some reason-it had to work! So, of I waddled into the water, still keeping an eye out for waves.

I balanced on one foot, carefully sliding the flipper on, goggles gripped under my elbow, when-WHHHHOOOSS!!!! Then came a monster-of-a wave. (I must have looked well-funny!) I burst out of the water, gasping for air, when I noticed my flippers were gone. I luckily managed to grab them before they sailed too far away…I wished I could say the same about my goggles. 

 I tried to swim after them, but it was pretty hard. And another crazy wave hit me, so I was sent straight of course.

So were my goggles.

I never saw them again. I was a bit gutted, actually, but I figured that they might make a nice little boat for a mouse that somehow got lost at sea. I’m off to Cornwall next week for half-term with my Best Friend, so maybe…maybe, they could have somehow washed out onto land, onto the direct beach that I’ll be going to….

You never know. Therefor, the sea robbed my snorkel goggles. 😦

The day I was robbed by a balloon.

 “The day” was actually just yesterday. I was invited to this unavailing of this giant gorilla made of spoons at the British Ironworks with some friends, and I was handed a balloon with their logo on. I took this as a challenge to keep hold of it all day, so I tied it to my small rainbow bracelet on my left arm. I did very well!! It was only at the end of the day, when it was very windy, I was running to get a good space on the handmade (Everything metal there is handmade! Its amazing!!) bench, when I felt something YANK on my arm…

The balloon.

I was gutted. But how had it escaped…? I thought curiously. I looked down at my arm.

Now I was REALLY gutted. My balloon…my bracelet…gone with the wind-literally! 😦 But I didn’t care for the balloon anymore, it had practically stolen my bracelet! I felt like dropping to the ground, shake my fist in the air and cry, “Noooooooooooo!!!” Darth Vader style. But instead, I trudged back to the other benches, where everyone else had seen my performance. They laughed even more when I told them about my bracelet.

I felt like a deflated…balloon.

Moral of the story…? Always keep your eye out on the sea, once your back is turned, it will swamp you with water and mug you. Also…

Never trust balloons.



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