13 word Horror Stories-26 and 27

“Greetings. I’m Tony Rex, T.Rex to you.”

“Hey! I know you-“



“Row, row, row your boat, gently down the Nile-“

“Look, crocodile!!”



There’s a lot of onomatopoeias going on in these 13.W.H.S…but you try thinking of new, original stories everyday!! Nah, it’s fun. But I might be loosing the theme “horror” theme. But as long as someone gets bitten: kidnapped, mauled, scared out of their wits, lost, disembowelled, pulled apart, impelled, goes mad, faints, cooked, explores a haunted mansion, gets a creepy text or phone call, gets a visit from Death or anyone dead, squished/crushed, falls to their death or drowns, I think it passes. 🙂


Your turn! What do you think...?

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