A natural alarm clock….

I normally try and sleep in as long as possible on weekends, but today I was woken up by a natural alarm clock…

A thunderstorm!!

It started at 7:21 and ended 51 minuets later at 8:12. It was pretty annoying, actually, but at one point it was worth it because the thunder was right above my house! Lightning was flashing between my blinds-lighting up the room. It was amazing. 😀 There were no proper lightning strikes, and no Ball lightning (which is not surprising!), so of what I know, there were no casualties. Haha, I sound like some weather reporter! Although admittedly, I am a bit of a survival-nerd. I have all sorts of books to prove this, such as, 100 MOST DANGEROUS THINGS ON THE PLANET-WHAT TO DO IF IT HAPPENS TO YOU (by Anna Claybourne) and DR DALE’S ZOMBIE DICTIONARY THE A-Z GUIDE TO STAYING ALIVE (by Dr Dale Seslick). 

What?! You never know, I could walking on by down the street, one day minding my own business, when here comes-a hoard of zombies! Then up behind me with a massive WWWHHHHHOOOOOSSSS!!!!!! comes a Tsunamis! And just as I whip my handy books out my bag, a sink hole opens up beneath my feet!! Everything seems pretty hopeless at that point, but that’s what the books are for.

So-of you rush to the book store and get spending! They might just save your life. 🙂          


Two of the books I keep with me all the time in my bag.


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