You will not believe how sunny it is now! Lovely blue sky, and sun, for once. It finally feels like summer! 🙂 It makes a difference from yesterday, the rain was horrible! We were just about to walk home when a few spots of rain fell down. I didn’t mind, it was only a little bit. Then it grew harder. And harder, and harder…in a matter of seconds the rain was so hard that our hair was flattened to our four heads, and our we were so damp, we may has well dived into a swimming pool. Seriously.

It also didn’t help when some soggy tree branches snapped into our faces, sprinkling us with more water! Lots of people laughed, and we did to. Afterwards. 😦


Anyway, I was asked a question this morning, and despite it not being the first time some one has asked me it, I now keep thinking about it:

If you were left on a desert island and could only bring three things, what three things would they be?

There aren’t many guidelines for this question, so many people can interpret it in may different ways. For example, what kind of desert island is this? Is it a lump of sand with only a palm tree? Or is it miles long, with rainforests, woodland and rivers? I imagine it as no.2 because your chance of survival on no.1 is hopeless. Anyway here is my list of what I would bring on this imaginary island….

  1. A Swiss-army knife

This is obvious, but useful in many different ways, apart from stabbing. You could tie it to a long stick to fish with (I know how to make string in the wild), sharpen other sticks to make other weapons, cut your hair, draw into rocks, etc etc. Swiss-army knife also have lots of other different things attached onto it, so keep that along beside you all the time-and you might have a chance of surviving the day.

    2. A plastic bag

Yeah, seriously. I know your probably thinking, but there are tons of plastic bags around in the streets, why would you bring one with you to a remote island?? Well, here’s the truth. Tie a plastic bag to a branch for a day, and overnight, water from the branches would have condensed and collected inside it. Simple-but brilliant! There forth, plastic bags are vital.

    3.A survival expert

Being honest with myself, I know lots of useful things that would really come in handy out there in the wild, but I don’t think I would handle with the hunting. 😦 That person would also be handy for other little things as well, that I don’t know. I wouldn’t be picky either. As long as they’re aren’t too annoying and are an expert on all things survival-I wouldn’t care.

However, if they do turn against me, I’M the one with the Swiss-army knife-so I think there’s an clear winner to that battle….   

Your turn!

What would you bring with you? Personal possessions? A boat?? A jetpack?!

Think carefully…I’d love to hear from you!   


2 thoughts on “Stranded….

  1. Wow, I’ve seen this question asked a dozen times although it’s never me. I probably bring a rope and grappling hook for climbing tree to fetch coconuts or pineapple, a weapon of some sort for killing any animal or anything that come at me. Oh, and don’t forget a knife, that’s essential for building shelter and preparing food. You have just given me a great idea for my club meeting this Saturday! Thanks. 🙂

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