“Who are you…?”-Horror Story (by me)

Wrote a new horror story, enjoy….

As mum was out with her friends for the night, she had asked me to look after 5 year Tyler, my little brother. Most sisters prefer to keep clear of their siblings, but Tyler is no trouble at all, just very silly.

His favourite game to play (out of many, many others!) is hide-and-seek. So of course, the first thing he asked me when mum left was, “Do you wanna play hide-and-seek?”

He hid first. And because he is such a tiny thing, there are tons of possibilities of where he could hide. After obediently counting to 100 (he found this too hard) I got searching.

I began looking in all the obvious places first; under every bed, behind every door and up and down every wardrobe-but no Tyler. I grinned, knowing that he had finally realised that he had to be more inventive with his hiding places. So I began to be more creative as well.

After burrowing through every box in the cupboard under the stairs, I started to wonder if he had dared gone outside. But it was ice cold out there-he wouldn’t have the guts to. I then heard a giggle, then some scampering footsteps from above me, across the landing. Smiling to myself, I knew the game had come to an end.

“I’m coming for you Tyler!” I shouted to him, stampeding up the stairs after him. I found him watching down at me, leaning over the banister. “Found you!” I tapped him on the shoulder. “So where did you hide squirt?” I asked.

“Oh, I umm, moved around lots. I then ran out here and you found me.” He replied. “Can we eat now please?”

“Yup, let’s go.” We made our way down the stairs, chatting the way.

Tyler waited patiently as I made him his favourite-cheesy beans on toast. However, when I gave it to him, he acted disgusted; as if I had tried to poison him.

“I’m not eating this…muck!” he shouted angrily at me.

“But it’s your favourite!” I protested. Tyler had never acted like this before. 

“No. It. Is. NOT!” he screamed-and brushed the plate onto the floor, where it smashed.  I leapt back in shock, as he stormed passed me upstairs.

I was in so much shock; I just stood there staring at the mess on the floor, totally dazed. I couldn’t believe what had just happened; it was as if someone had flicked a switch inside Tyler’s head that changed him completely….

Into someone he wasn’t.

Some sad sobs snapped me out of my trance. My head snapped around fearfully towards the cellar. Thinking the neighbour’s cat had trapped itself again (it had happened before!) I walked over and gingerly slid open the lock and tugged the door open.

A tiny figure rushed out and charged into me-nearly blowing me off my feet. “Tyler?!”

“Oh help!” he sobbed into me. “I was going to hide in the larder when something yanked me by my ear and it really hurt, then it shoved me in the cellar and it was cold and dark and spidery and I fell down the stairs and I banged my head and it really really hurts and everything went even more blacker like I was asleep, and I woke up and I tried to open the door but it was locked and I was so scared…and you found me…and, and-”

“Tyler stop! So you’re telling me you’ve been down there all the time?? Then who did I find….” the truth hit me. Hard. “Oh my God.”

“My head….” I looked down and saw a deep bloody cut on the back of Tyler’s head from the fall. I hugged him tighter, my own head aching. 

“Tyler can I tell you something?” He whimpered. “When I went upstairs I found YOU. It was exactly you, and…and, I can’t explain it, but if that wasn’t you up there….” I gulped. “Who was it?”

We both stood there, entwined, shaking with fear.  I then heard a screaming, terrified voice from upstairs, “Lucy!! LUCY!!!”   

It was Tyler.

Wasn’t it?

I felt the grip around me tighten like ropes, tying me up. “Who…are you…?” I whispered.

The horrid thing eyes lit up like two red lasers. Its devilish grin spread to the corners of its face. “Do you really want to know?!”     


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