Happy 100!! Plus a tiny dog.

Hello everyone, believe it or not (well, why would I lie?? Hehehe….) this exact post is also my 100th!! Whoo-hoo! 😀 So it’s been roughly 4 months since my first post, and 100 later and I’ve got 58 followers, 438 views and 76 comments, to be precise. Wow! Thanks to all those enduring loyal followers that have stuck with me for all those weeks. 🙂

Anyway, walking home from school today (by myself because I had just been to athletics club. I’m not a brilliantly sporty person, I just enjoy all those jumping sports) and I was passing through the park. A couple with a Chihuahua (I will NEVER be able to spell that!) and a pram were ahead of me. I then saw the woman stop, bend down and put something on the floor. I hadn’t noticed she’d been carrying anything, so I was stunned when the tiniest little dog crawled out of her hand!! 😮

I cant explain how weeny this thing was. Okay, I can. It could comfortably sit in the woman’s hand, and still have room to move. Think of a rat-ordinary sized-that dog was about the size of a RAT. If a bit smaller! I couldn’t believe how miniscule this animal was. The woman behind me and her son seemed as shocked as me (“Oh my God-look how small that dog is!”). However, the other dog seemed a bit annoyed that he wasn’t getting any of the attention.

Despite its size, I wasn’t sure what breed this dog was. It actually didn’t look like a Chihuahua, more of a Beagle. Could they get that small though? Surprisingly, that dog wasn’t very timid, as I expected it to be. It waddled along happily between it owner and the other dog. It didn’t have a lead-if the dog dared run away it wouldn’t get very far as it couldn’t run very fast!

I have seen teeny-tiny dogs, humongous wolf dogs, crazy curly-haired dogs-but this dog is defiantly on my list of most oddest dogs I have ever seen! 😀         

Thanks for reading. 🙂


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