The Pack!

So I missed a post yesterday. And the one before that wasn’t up-to-scratch either. But I’ve been busy, practically all of yesterday was in school or in the car for 5 hours. BRILLIANT. But as me and my family are moving house in the Summer Holiday very near here (I reeeeeeeeeaaly don’t want to!!!!!!) we need to look at our new schools. Hip-hip-horray. 😦

Anyway, here I am, exhausted after just coming back from Gymnastics class (this is Freestyle gymnastics-with trampolines, foam pits and networks of deadly metal poles, all really fun! But as it was my first time, I did badly. Well, I’m very very sure I did. But I’m not going to be a pro on my first go am I??) relaxing on the comfy chair. And I’m starving. *rumble rumble*

There are two other dogs here where we’re staying, Dittio and Rosie. Ditto is a big, black Labrador and Rosie is a Jack Russell. you’d think Nathan would be thrilled to have another Jack Russell around to play with, but its always: “I’m pack leader! Me me me!!” as the pictures show.


“I’m Alpha wolf-lie down CUB!” They’re only playing. 🙂


Ditto wants to join in!


Ditto, chilling in the sun.


Nathan, about to pounce.


This first photo of Rosie failed as she tried to sniff the camera….


Here’s a better one!

And one more….


Look out for dragons! 😀


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