Frogs in the garden!

There’s always been frogs in my garden, but Nathan is always there to chase them of. One time, she had one cornered, but it played dead…and it worked! She became much more cautious, giving it time to spring away.

Anyway, the frogs all have their hiding spaces, some risk the hedge, lots like the bushes at the back of the garden, but today we found a little family of them hiding in an old Butler sink we use to hold flower pots! They used the hole as an escape root into the tall, shady grass, away from Nathan’s prying nose. We found them when my mum moved a flower pot, revealing their hiding spot. There was a very big frog, and a smaller one. However, I only managed to catch the smaller frog on camera!

DSC_0041 DSC_0042 DSC_0043


Just ignore the creepy dwarf. 🙂


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