An award winning Thursday!

What was meant to be an ordinary, kinda dull Thursday today became something else. It was whole school assembly today, the teachers were giving out awards. Despite I missed two days last week, I still got (along with some other people) the 100% attendance award! Shhhhhh-don’t tell anyone! They probably made the power point earlier.

Anyway, there was a big award at the end, most reward points. Honestly, I get all mine from the library, since I spend practically every lunchtime in there, and every book you take out, you get reward points! So all those built up, so guess who won that award with 1014 points?!


So I went up in front of every student and every teacher, all eyes on me! Now that’s big-headedness. 🙂

Tomorrow is Independence day in America, if I’m right. So my school is doing an American day, were we have to dress in an American theme. But instead of just being a Simpson or dressing head-to-toe in their flag, I’m being a Native American!! 😀

Let’s hope I wont be the only one dressing up tomorrow…. 🙂 


3 thoughts on “An award winning Thursday!

  1. Congratulations! Yup, tomorrow’s independence day, it’s been loud over here these past couple nights with all the firework outside my window. let’s hope you won’t be the only one dressing up tomorrow again. 🙂

      • Yup, fireworks are awesome especially if it’s right outside your window. It’s not so hard to sleep, not unless you’re near an air force base or if you’re go to bed early. 😀

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