“STOP THE TAPPING”-(short) horror story by me

At the sleepover during the weekend, we all told creepy stories. I, am proud to say, told lots of lots, that I made up! It also made it super-spooky because it was midnight, and in pitch darkness! Here is a short one that I’ll hope you enjoy, and was closely based on our experiences…. 

There were once 10 girls who were all best friends. One day, they all decided to have a sleepover, except this time in a tent, camping in the garden!

After a whole day of messing around and having fun, they all climbed into their tent to sleep.

However, instead of sleeping, they all stayed up really late to tell ghost and horror stories! They did this until midnight, because by this time, they were all exhausted.

One of the girls found it very hard to sleep, so they found it soothing to tap constantly. But this drove everyone else crazy, so none of them could sleep.

“Stop that damn tapping!” they hissed in the pitch-blackness.

“Yeah, cut it out!” Eventually the girl did stop tapping, and they all fell asleep-but not for long…. At 2 to 3am the other 9 girls were woken up by more tapping.

All still curled up in their sleeping bags, they crawled over to the other girl to confront her.

They found her dead to the world, fast asleep.

But the tapping still carried on….


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