“Don’t pick up”- (very short!) horror story by me

Me and my friend always have sleepovers, and one of them we thought it would be funny to type in a random number in on our phones and see who would pick up. We didn’t-someone in Australia might pick up, that would cost a heap of money!!

But it gave me brilliant inspiration for this short story today….

The two girls were best friends for one main reason-they both loved prank calls.

They had loved their previous sleepovers, staying up late at night and making prank calls. They were both looking forward to their latest (and unfortunately last) sleepover.

It was midnight when they typed in random numbers into their phones. They both sat on the bed, shaking with excitement.

The phone, picking up the call, beeped…once…twice…

As a rumble shook under the bed, and the two girls both heard the unmistakable sound of a phone ringing.  


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