Ever have those days when you wake up late, get up late, eat late and just laze around and do nothing all day and the days just flies by and then it gets late and you realise you’ve wasted your day doing…nothing? Sadly, that to me, is everyday. Well, not everyday, but lots of days. Like today.

What have I done today? Not much. I haven’t wasted my day though, I think….. I have a week (roughly) here at home until me and my family go camping. And because I’m moving house, and schools, I get a extra week more then my friends of holiday because my new school ended school a week later. 😀 It may be mean…but it’ll be kind of fun to rub it in their faces! No-no, I’m not that mean…. 🙂

It may be a short post today, but I’ll leave you with a Superdoodle I did earlier. I love drawing these, when I’m bored I draw them, and sometimes I get so carried away they get really big with all sorts of random stuff in them.

Thanks for listening-and bye! 🙂



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