Finally Friday.

Wow, it’s finally Friday, at last! And I know it’s the Summer Holiday so it’s like every day is a weekend, so they aren’t that special, however it’s the first Friday that’s been normal for me in a while, so it’s nice to get back to Friday tradition of chips, movie, and popcorn. This nights movie: “The Lion King”. You’re never too old for Disney! 😀

I haven’t seen this film in AGES, and I’m still getting delighted tingles from it. 🙂 Well, not always good tingles, looking back, it’s a really depressing film. If you put all the animals into human form it would barley pass as a kids film. Well, except for the singing. That makes up for the death and murder.

I once heard that “The Lion King” is a kid’s version of “Hamlet”, do you think it’s true? It’s still a awesome Disney film, but not one of my favourites…. 😀

the lion king


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