Tie my mind in knots!!

Today I’m going to share some illusions. I don’t have the original websites for all of them, so I’m not taking any credit for these. Anyway, when I saw them, my brain was totally boggled-it’s unbelievable! So let’s melt some minds and begin….mind boggle 3

So when I first watched this I thought “Okay, it’s a Rubix Cube, on a piece of paper, and then-WOW! It grows! Not really, though. A awesome artist has drawn that!! 😀 But I have to admit…I don’t know how they did it. It’s something to do with the angle of the camera, (maybe) and how the drawing tricks our brains…somehow.

If I let my eyes relax on this one, it moves! It’s really clever and also looks really cool. 🙂

op 2

This is a really clever elephant-it really ties my mind in knots! 😀 So I’ll leave you with this question…. How many legs does this elephant have?

P.s: I don’t actually know…lets hear all you opinions. 🙂


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