“The lovely bones” by Alice Sebold-mini review!


Today I started reading “The lovely bones” by Alice Sebold. I’m only on chapter 6 or something like that, but I’m already engrossed in it. But I can’t give much of review but I can tell you that I began reading it walking up the stairs, and I was standing there for 10 minuets. The first sentence is unique and gripping, and won’t let you down during the rest of the book!

Tomorrow I’m leaving to camp in Cornwall, so I won’t be posting much. Sorry! I’ll try to post, but no promises. Enjoy your summer, and be sure to pick up a good book to read. 🙂


My rainbow eyes.

Here’s a drawing I made yesterday, it was originally meant for my Gravatar, but I then thought it was too busy. It’s like collage, and despite it taking me ages, it was it was worth it. 🙂
It includes some the things I like, dragons, drawings, Nathan, books and classic-horror-story backgrounds. Oh, and I DON’T have one blue eye, one green one, but my eyes do sometimes change colour… and it makes the picture look a lot cooler!