Billions of boxes!

So I had to tidy my desk and put all the junk in a box to make it look “neat”, when I found, squashed behind another box (with more junk in it!), a wallet. I recognised this wallet. The wallet I thought I had stupidly left in a shop, or had been pick-pocketed from me. The wallet I had lost, and I could never find.

The wallet that had 20 pounds in it.

Shaking with excitement, I opened the wallet-to find two 5 pound notes and a 10 pound note!! 😀

But as I tidied up my desk, taking out all the clutter, I finally realised how much JUNK I have on it! Seriously, have a look….


A bit worrying, right? Shocked how I could even work in that mess! Because we’re moving house in the summer ( 😦 ) of course we need to pack everything up in hundreds, and hundreds, and hundreds (okay not that many!) of cardboard boxes. I probably need to through some stuff out otherwise we’re going to be broke just buying boxes, and I don’t want to use that 20 pounds I just found!

Do you work in a mess as worse as mine? If so-poor you! 🙂


A walk in the park!

You know that 6 and a half walk mile walk I was meant to be doing today at school? Well I did it, and it was fun, but really tiring. We were also allowed to go in costume, and I went as Katniss Everdeen. However, not very surprisingly, I was the only one who bothered to dress up. In the whole school, no teachers, NO students dressed up….

Except me.

Lot of people made stupid comments, but I just shunned them. I wanted to have fun and dress up-so why shouldn’t I? I wanted to do something different for a change, and just because some people made it more embarrassing then it should be, why should I have not done it? It was great though. The walk, my costume (a camouflage t-shirt with ripped grey combat trousers, Katniss’s hair, the Hunger Games mockingjay pin and fake smudges and scars over my face-most people laughed at this.), all of it! 🙂

Afterwards was brilliant to. I went round town for a bit with my friend, then went back to her house to die of exhaustion. We had been walking ALL day! which I normally just get on Fridays, so that was a brilliant treat! So despite walking for hours on end, annoying school kids and blazing hot weather (second thoughts…how is that a bad thing?!) I think today has been great.

I also got to miss maths….:D     

Katniss is of for a stroll.

I normally have maths first thing on a Monday morning (now how cruel is that??!) but tomorrow the whole school has a “Sponsored walk”-6 MILES LONG. Ahhhhh!! I used to love all that sprinting, long distance running and all that, but now….I dunno what happened, as soon as the new year started, I seemed to be put into slow-motion. I do try, but I get too tired too quickly and I find myself struggling to cross the finish line.

However it’s to raise money for the school library, and being a book-lover myself, I cant so “no”-can I??

And if you handed in a letter the school gave out, you get to go home early!! Brilliant! 😀

And…(if we like) we can dress up as our favourite book character! It just keeps getting better and better. 🙂 I’m going as Katniss Everdeen (“…the girl on fire!”) of The Hunger Games (by Suzanne Collins)-a brilliant must-read for anyone who wants to be submerged in a good book for a few days. But I doubt anyone else will dress up though….who cares! 🙂

I’m looking forward to tomorrow.   

A natural alarm clock….

I normally try and sleep in as long as possible on weekends, but today I was woken up by a natural alarm clock…

A thunderstorm!!

It started at 7:21 and ended 51 minuets later at 8:12. It was pretty annoying, actually, but at one point it was worth it because the thunder was right above my house! Lightning was flashing between my blinds-lighting up the room. It was amazing. 😀 There were no proper lightning strikes, and no Ball lightning (which is not surprising!), so of what I know, there were no casualties. Haha, I sound like some weather reporter! Although admittedly, I am a bit of a survival-nerd. I have all sorts of books to prove this, such as, 100 MOST DANGEROUS THINGS ON THE PLANET-WHAT TO DO IF IT HAPPENS TO YOU (by Anna Claybourne) and DR DALE’S ZOMBIE DICTIONARY THE A-Z GUIDE TO STAYING ALIVE (by Dr Dale Seslick). 

What?! You never know, I could walking on by down the street, one day minding my own business, when here comes-a hoard of zombies! Then up behind me with a massive WWWHHHHHOOOOOSSSS!!!!!! comes a Tsunamis! And just as I whip my handy books out my bag, a sink hole opens up beneath my feet!! Everything seems pretty hopeless at that point, but that’s what the books are for.

So-of you rush to the book store and get spending! They might just save your life. 🙂          


Two of the books I keep with me all the time in my bag.


“Wreck this Journal”: non-book review! (By Kerl Smith)

I’m calling this a “non-book review” because it’s not really a proper review, I’m just saying how Epical this book is and how anyone, any age can have so much fun out of it.
Does that count as a review?
Anyway, “Wreck this Journal”(by Kerl Smith) isn’t a story, fiction OR non-fiction, it’s just instructions of how to…wreck that journal. Yes, literally. Here’s a extract, “MAKE A SUDDEN, DESTRUCTIVE, UNPREDICTABLE MOVEMENT WITH THE JOURNAL.” Another, “DRUM ON THIS PAGE WITH PENCILS.” One more, “FIND A WAY TO WEAR THE JOURNAL.” See a theme?
On each page there is a sentence of instructions that you have to follow. After a day of wrecking, your neat, thin inviting journal ends up as smelly, lumpy, bulging, crumpled…mess. But with ages of entertainment and loose rules, I highly recommend this creative book to anyone who gets told, “You should look after your books more!” and anyone who says that to others.
Quick-of to WHSmiths…and enjoy! 🙂