The school bus leaked again last week.

And I’m not talking water (the bus has leaked water plenty of times!), for the second time this year it leaked oil.

The first time was earlier this year, and at the back of the bus above some annoying year 11 girls heads (it’s a LONG story….) oil started to leak on them. Wailing, they all rushed to the front making it even more crowded. I was near the front, so I hadn’t bother to move…until some dripped onto my blazer and my bag.

I couldn’t use my bag for the next day, and everything really stank! But last week it was a whole lot worse-the bus was smoking! It was pretty scary actually, but what I know of, the bus didn’t blow up, and I’m still here in one piece.

But it would have only took one lit cigarette on the road and-



At least school would have been cancelled. 😀