A true Halloween nightmare

Happy Halloween!!

IMG_0150[1]OK, I know it’s five days late, but there’s always time for anyone to have some Halloween fun. 🙂 I made this mask for a scare-maze I did with some friends at the Youth Center. I was a psychopath that waved around a (plastic) meat cleaver chopping up a body, pulling out their intestines while they screamed.

It was fake though, I’m not that crazy. 😛

A friend’s head was poking out through a table and a fake body was lying on it, which I tore to pieces. There was jelly inside of it that I threw around and plenty of fake blood. I don’t think the people running it expected me to make such a mess, as when they watched mine and my friends performance they seemed scared with all her screaming and worried how they were going to get the jelly and fake blood stains off the walls.

My hands were literally COVERED in fake blood, and so was my mask and my boiler suit! 😀

I had so much fun though, and miss all my buddies lots, but the real Halloween nightmare happens to me and many other people my age every day….


I thought I hated my old school, but this one is ten times worse. For a start, all girls have to wear skirts. They’re only doing it so we can look smart, but there are other ways of doing it! I tried for the school council, so hopefully I can become a member and change things for good.

The problem is that as I’ve just started my new school a few weeks ago, nobody knows me. And no matter what, in school and in other situations, everyone is always going to take their best friend’s sides. I will try, and even if I don’t make it on School Council there are other ways of making change.

Thanks for reading. 🙂


Billions of boxes!

So I had to tidy my desk and put all the junk in a box to make it look “neat”, when I found, squashed behind another box (with more junk in it!), a wallet. I recognised this wallet. The wallet I thought I had stupidly left in a shop, or had been pick-pocketed from me. The wallet I had lost, and I could never find.

The wallet that had 20 pounds in it.

Shaking with excitement, I opened the wallet-to find two 5 pound notes and a 10 pound note!! 😀

But as I tidied up my desk, taking out all the clutter, I finally realised how much JUNK I have on it! Seriously, have a look….


A bit worrying, right? Shocked how I could even work in that mess! Because we’re moving house in the summer ( 😦 ) of course we need to pack everything up in hundreds, and hundreds, and hundreds (okay not that many!) of cardboard boxes. I probably need to through some stuff out otherwise we’re going to be broke just buying boxes, and I don’t want to use that 20 pounds I just found!

Do you work in a mess as worse as mine? If so-poor you! 🙂