R.I.P Robin Williams

R.I.P Robin Williams (1951 to 2014), one of my favourite actors, and in a way, still is. His many T.V shows and films will be famous years to come. He stared in awesome films such as “Aladdin” (Genie), “Night at The Museum” (Teddy Roosevelt), “Mrs Doubtfire” (Daniel Hillard/Mrs Doubtfire), and my second favourite film ever, “Jumanji” (Alan Parris).

His amazing acting made films twice as good as intended, he would always make everyone laugh, and even in serious moments in films he would brighten things up. He was so good at making other people happy, he forgot to be happy himself.

Even if Robin Williams is gone, his acting hasn’t and will always be remembered.

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13 word Horror Story-36

I do miss my dead daughter…now I wish she’d leave me alone.

Ghosts just don’t know when to stop, do they? They take haunting so seriously; I don’t know whether my house is haunted or not. Its over a hundred years old, but don’t think anyone (or anything!) had died here. But there is always the out-of-place creak of the floorboards, or odd, looming shadow….

13 word Horror Stories-26 and 27

“Greetings. I’m Tony Rex, T.Rex to you.”

“Hey! I know you-“



“Row, row, row your boat, gently down the Nile-“

“Look, crocodile!!”



There’s a lot of onomatopoeias going on in these 13.W.H.S…but you try thinking of new, original stories everyday!! Nah, it’s fun. But I might be loosing the theme “horror” theme. But as long as someone gets bitten: kidnapped, mauled, scared out of their wits, lost, disembowelled, pulled apart, impelled, goes mad, faints, cooked, explores a haunted mansion, gets a creepy text or phone call, gets a visit from Death or anyone dead, squished/crushed, falls to their death or drowns, I think it passes. 🙂

13 word Horror Stories-17

“Aren’t mountain views beautiful?”

“And a guaranteed death if you somehow fall….”


Yay-Friday!! Finally, the best day of the week! Well, sort of. I still have to go to school, don’t I? So Fridays can’t be that brilliant now. But what about the chips?? Food can’t make up for everything, can it?


Yum…second thoughts…Fridays are best….