I have returned….

I’m back! How are you? I was camping in Wales with my family and some of their friends in a really cool campsite with a massive lake in the middle, with a forest surrounding it. It was great fun exploring and Nathan really enjoyed herself to. 🙂

Oh and I am sorry for not doing many posts this summer. I’m going away so much camping or whatever, there’s either no WiFi or no time to blog. I’ll keep trying, but when I move it’ll take a while to set the internet up as well so there might not be many posts then as well. 😦

Anyway, I haven’t mentioned this before, but I have an obsession with notebooks. I love them, and all throughout when I was little I would buy loads of them and I would fill them with weird drawings, odd stories and disturbing diaries. I had hundreds (yeah-seriously, well maybe just a hundred) notebooks filled with them. And I would always be buying more. But with The Move coming up, I needed to throw away tons of my belongings/junk. Including my mountain of notebooks.

I could still save lots of them, but also lots had to go. But surprisingly is wasn’t much of a problem, as lots of the notebooks had when I was young was filled with rubbish anyway. But-of course-my mum had to save a few of them. The ones with the embarrassing stories I never finished writing, or the ones with crazy looking drawings in them!

There’s still a lot more preparing to do before the move, and even though I’ve done quite a bit in my room, there’s still more horrors waiting for me to be found….

Thank you for reading! 🙂


R.I.P Robin Williams

R.I.P Robin Williams (1951 to 2014), one of my favourite actors, and in a way, still is. His many T.V shows and films will be famous years to come. He stared in awesome films such as “Aladdin” (Genie), “Night at The Museum” (Teddy Roosevelt), “Mrs Doubtfire” (Daniel Hillard/Mrs Doubtfire), and my second favourite film ever, “Jumanji” (Alan Parris).

His amazing acting made films twice as good as intended, he would always make everyone laugh, and even in serious moments in films he would brighten things up. He was so good at making other people happy, he forgot to be happy himself.

Even if Robin Williams is gone, his acting hasn’t and will always be remembered.

r w

The worst way to get bored.

As moving house is only a few weeks ahead, my parents have been bugging me to get rid of some books I don’t need. “Get rid of books??” Preposterous!!

But shovelling around in my bookcase, I managed to find a small pile of books that I hadn’t touched for years, so they were of to the Charity Shop. My Mum also found lots of old newspaper cut-outs, birthday cards (made by my brother and sister, and me as a really little kid! 😀 ) and other random rubbish. Some we kept for sentimental values, and others because some of the cards had hilariously bad drawings on them! 🙂

I also found some really cute-but lots of times embarrassing-photos of myself when I was really young. The most embarrassing one was one that had two of my friends in it to, all with childish grins on our faces! My best friend has that photo on her phone (oh NO! 😮 ) and won’t let me forget about it!

But tidying, organising, neatening, any of that sort of stuff makes me loose the will to live. It saps all the energy out of me and drains me of power hours after. What a way to get bored! (Number 1 way to get bored, actually!)

Sticking with the Disney/Pixar themed films like yesterday, today I watched “Toy Story 1”, and realised how bad the animations were…. But it was one of the first animated films, and is a awesome trilogy, but I kind of hope they don’t make a 4th, because it might not be as good as the others.

Thanks for reading-happy holidays! 🙂

Finally Friday.

Wow, it’s finally Friday, at last! And I know it’s the Summer Holiday so it’s like every day is a weekend, so they aren’t that special, however it’s the first Friday that’s been normal for me in a while, so it’s nice to get back to Friday tradition of chips, movie, and popcorn. This nights movie: “The Lion King”. You’re never too old for Disney! 😀

I haven’t seen this film in AGES, and I’m still getting delighted tingles from it. 🙂 Well, not always good tingles, looking back, it’s a really depressing film. If you put all the animals into human form it would barley pass as a kids film. Well, except for the singing. That makes up for the death and murder.

I once heard that “The Lion King” is a kid’s version of “Hamlet”, do you think it’s true? It’s still a awesome Disney film, but not one of my favourites…. 😀

the lion king