Merry Christmas Eve!

Merry almost-Christmas! Or, more commonly known as Christmas eve. I’ve made my presents this year, and a lot of post ago you’ll see my Voo-Doo collection. So, with some pipe cleaners, rope and string and a few decorations, I had a go at making my own….



These are only two, and are my best ones! The one on the right is Maggie, and the other one I’ve mailed to my friend, so she’s unnamed yet. I’ve made others as well, one with a pig face, another with a happy face and a sad one on either side of his head. (Both presents for tomorrow!)

And who has a advent calender? Mine was shared with my brother, Playmobil Dragons and Knights. (Of course I’m not to old for that!!) It ended today, with the grand finale of….


A red and black dragon! 😀 I got that tiny gold one on the 23rd, and I’ve had the big green one for ages.

Hope you all have a brilliant day tomorrow, and a fantastic new year!



You are larger than life, stronger than most and some may say you’re hoarding a great treasure in your secluded cave in the mountains. Though some may want to slay you for your treasure, others admire you for your wisdom and grace. And if they don’t, you can always just sneeze at them and set them ablaze

That would be fun…. 😀

Big news….It’s exactly one month until Christmas! I haven’t even got my list sorted out yet!! Of course I’m looking forward to it, I’m also looking forward to next Monday when me and my younger brother can first open out Playmobile Knight-and-Dragons Advent Calender. Yes-I’m NOT to old for that stuff. 😛

Have a happy 25th November. 🙂

Show me the house!!

dragon 7

Hatchling Dragon. 🙂

I want to warn you-I might not get much posting done lately as tomorrow we move (AAAAAAHHHHHGGGGG) except we’re staying at someone else’s house for a few days, and they have WiFi so I’ll try to squeeze in a post.

And you know what’s driving me crazy? Me and my family are moving into a house we haven’t even seen yet. It’s crazy! For all we know it could be a tent in a garden! We have seen a few bad photos and the outside of the house, but those photos could have been taken years ago and the inside could be a dump. Well I hope not cause I’ll have to live there until I go to University. 😦

Well I’ll have to hope for the best, and as a note, this will be the last post until I move-eeeeekk! :O Really not very excited about it. Oh well. Lets get this over with and hope it won’t be too emotionally painful.

Thanks for reading- bye. 🙂