Popcorn and round-abouts.

Sorry late post but my friend has come over for a sleepover and right now we’re watching The Lego Movie! I love this film!! 😀

It’s been a really busy day as I’ve also been to another friends Birthday party at a place called Crocky Trails. It’s like a children’s park…except to the maximum coolness. Slides? Twice as steep, ten times as big. Swings? Over muddy lakes. Round-abouts? Electric, no handles, over twice as big and super fast. It was fantastic!

More tomorrow, now I have to stuff my face with more popcorn. 🙂



Food fights and ghost stories.

I’m back from the sleepover now (duh) and had a brilliant time. We stayed up until 3 in the morning (well some of us did!) and feel terrible now. That’s me. 😦 Actually, I went to sleep at half 1, after telling ghost stories to everyone-mwahahahaha!

Unfortunately, I was woken up again at 3 by some of the other girls, who had decided that instead of curling up in their toasty warm sleeping bags, they wanted to go “star-gazing” on the hill in the garden. (???) All they really did was make a lot of noise.

There was also a food-fight at dinner, also in the garden. We were eating some gross crisps that none of us liked, so one thing led to another, and before we knew it, the grass was littered with cheesy crisps, and so were we.

So my weekend was Epical-was yours? I’d like to hear in the comments! 🙂

The Pack!

So I missed a post yesterday. And the one before that wasn’t up-to-scratch either. But I’ve been busy, practically all of yesterday was in school or in the car for 5 hours. BRILLIANT. But as me and my family are moving house in the Summer Holiday very near here (I reeeeeeeeeaaly don’t want to!!!!!!) we need to look at our new schools. Hip-hip-horray. 😦

Anyway, here I am, exhausted after just coming back from Gymnastics class (this is Freestyle gymnastics-with trampolines, foam pits and networks of deadly metal poles, all really fun! But as it was my first time, I did badly. Well, I’m very very sure I did. But I’m not going to be a pro on my first go am I??) relaxing on the comfy chair. And I’m starving. *rumble rumble*

There are two other dogs here where we’re staying, Dittio and Rosie. Ditto is a big, black Labrador and Rosie is a Jack Russell. you’d think Nathan would be thrilled to have another Jack Russell around to play with, but its always: “I’m pack leader! Me me me!!” as the pictures show.


“I’m Alpha wolf-lie down CUB!” They’re only playing. 🙂


Ditto wants to join in!


Ditto, chilling in the sun.


Nathan, about to pounce.


This first photo of Rosie failed as she tried to sniff the camera….


Here’s a better one!

And one more….


Look out for dragons! 😀

13 word Horror Stories-22 and 23

“Skydiving is brilliant!” he yelled. “You…did remember to pack the parachutes…?!”


“Wow, Lions! Lets get a photo.”



“Hey! No feeding the animals.”

You heard them readers. Don’t feed the animals, whether it be biscuits to a dog, an annoying person to a crocodile or, accidently, you to a herd of angry lions…. Always read the signs.