A walk in the park!

You know that 6 and a half walk mile walk I was meant to be doing today at school? Well I did it, and it was fun, but really tiring. We were also allowed to go in costume, and I went as Katniss Everdeen. However, not very surprisingly, I was the only one who bothered to dress up. In the whole school, no teachers, NO students dressed up….

Except me.

Lot of people made stupid comments, but I just shunned them. I wanted to have fun and dress up-so why shouldn’t I? I wanted to do something different for a change, and just because some people made it more embarrassing then it should be, why should I have not done it? It was great though. The walk, my costume (a camouflage t-shirt with ripped grey combat trousers, Katniss’s hair, the Hunger Games mockingjay pin and fake smudges and scars over my face-most people laughed at this.), all of it! 🙂

Afterwards was brilliant to. I went round town for a bit with my friend, then went back to her house to die of exhaustion. We had been walking ALL day! which I normally just get on Fridays, so that was a brilliant treat! So despite walking for hours on end, annoying school kids and blazing hot weather (second thoughts…how is that a bad thing?!) I think today has been great.

I also got to miss maths….:D