Show me the house!!

dragon 7

Hatchling Dragon. 🙂

I want to warn you-I might not get much posting done lately as tomorrow we move (AAAAAAHHHHHGGGGG) except we’re staying at someone else’s house for a few days, and they have WiFi so I’ll try to squeeze in a post.

And you know what’s driving me crazy? Me and my family are moving into a house we haven’t even seen yet. It’s crazy! For all we know it could be a tent in a garden! We have seen a few bad photos and the outside of the house, but those photos could have been taken years ago and the inside could be a dump. Well I hope not cause I’ll have to live there until I go to University. 😦

Well I’ll have to hope for the best, and as a note, this will be the last post until I move-eeeeekk! :O Really not very excited about it. Oh well. Lets get this over with and hope it won’t be too emotionally painful.

Thanks for reading- bye. 🙂



I’m feeling really tired today and it’s been manic and (let’s be cheesey for a second) “an emotional rollercoaster”. That IS very cringey, but also very accurate, beeing the last day of the year and me moving house and leaving behind all my friends and that.
I got presents from lots of people and many cards, we also brought chips after school, shopped, and had fun. 🙂 But then I had to say goodbye. That was harder. Despite I’m leaving near the end of the Summer Holidays, with everything beeing so manic here I dout I’ll see them any time soon.
Anyway, I hope you enjoy your holiday, I’ll TRY and enjoy mine. 🙂

One last day.


As soon as I had got home from school today I had been VERY busy making cards. This is one of them, for one of my parents friends. Luckily-they like dragons! Which is good because apart from cartoony people they are the only thing I can draw successfully.

As I’ve already said, I’m moving house. A very very very long way away from where I am now. So I have to say bye to all my best and closest friends. And I know I will make new friends, but I’ll set this straight and say it.

Any friends I make down there will never be as good as the ones I have now. These friends are irreplaceable. And leaving them will be the hardest thing I’ll ever do.


The sleepover was great yesterday/today. Me and my friend mucked around tons and also watched The Lego Movie. It was her first time watching it!! So I’ll leave you a poster I made on Keep-calm-o-matic, an awesome website that lets you make your own “KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON” posters, professionally.

Have I already told you about this?

Meh, never mind. Have a try in the link above. 🙂

 keep calm and stay awesome

You’ll find the poster cooler if you’ve seen the film itself!

Popcorn and round-abouts.

Sorry late post but my friend has come over for a sleepover and right now we’re watching The Lego Movie! I love this film!! 😀

It’s been a really busy day as I’ve also been to another friends Birthday party at a place called Crocky Trails. It’s like a children’s park…except to the maximum coolness. Slides? Twice as steep, ten times as big. Swings? Over muddy lakes. Round-abouts? Electric, no handles, over twice as big and super fast. It was fantastic!

More tomorrow, now I have to stuff my face with more popcorn. 🙂


Food fights and ghost stories.

I’m back from the sleepover now (duh) and had a brilliant time. We stayed up until 3 in the morning (well some of us did!) and feel terrible now. That’s me. 😦 Actually, I went to sleep at half 1, after telling ghost stories to everyone-mwahahahaha!

Unfortunately, I was woken up again at 3 by some of the other girls, who had decided that instead of curling up in their toasty warm sleeping bags, they wanted to go “star-gazing” on the hill in the garden. (???) All they really did was make a lot of noise.

There was also a food-fight at dinner, also in the garden. We were eating some gross crisps that none of us liked, so one thing led to another, and before we knew it, the grass was littered with cheesy crisps, and so were we.

So my weekend was Epical-was yours? I’d like to hear in the comments! 🙂

Sleepover madness!!!

Hello everyone this post is later, and is to tell you that I am at a sleepover with another one of my bestest ever friends, and about 10 or 11 other girls. Its crazy here but so much fun! I dont normaly get to see that friend very often either, only for birthdays and Christmasses. And it is also a CAMPOUT pary as well, so Im posting this on my phone in the house. More tomorrow, bye! 🙂