Don’t forget to feed IT….


I’m moving house next week and I’m thinking of leaving a note somewhere, like taped inside my fireplace. But it’s not going to be “[my name] was here¬†in 2014“, I’m think more along the lines like, “Don’t forget to feed the Python-or else!” or, “Keep the cellar locked otherwise it will escape.“. They’re much more exciting! ūüėÄ


Beanie Baby army!

Hello my loyal followers! First of I want to say sorry for not posting for two days. Things came up (like two friends inviting me at late notice for a campout in their garden)¬†and so I didn’t¬† have any WiFi.

Secondly, I want to say THANK YOU for sticking with me through these times. I haven’t been very consistent with my posting lately, and it’s not going to get any better. I will try to post, but as lots of you know, I can’t always.

So, I’m kind of lucky to be posting today as I’m spending the night in my sister’s flat and her WiFi is terrible! But it’s nice to¬†not always be glued to the internet. Anyway-as my parents were shovelling through the attic for junk to keep or throw away for The Move, they found my sister’s toys she had as a little kid. FOUR HUGE BIN BAGS FULL OF THEM. It was crazy!! There were masses of birds, badgers, reptiles, dogs…and half of them were Beanie Babies.

When we put them in a pile it was higher then Nathan! Higher then a fully grown Jack Russell!!¬†Me and my sister then spent a-g-e-s¬†putting them into groups of either families, or pairs. We put them into a giant herd, and these are the proof….












A Beanie Baby army! ūüėÄ

March on mooses!

Wow-two more days left of school! I cant believe it. And because Thursday will be my last day, I’ve decided¬†I’m going to be remembered in this school. My name is already on a reward plaque that I won, and I know there are plenty of students (and maybe teachers)¬†that will never forget me, but now I have another idea.

Take a look at this moose/reindeer hat I got a few Christmases ago….

DSC_0109If I wear this in the Summer term, it’s sure to get me noticed. So¬†on the last day-that’s what I’m going to wear!!

I’m not sure¬†if its non-uniform or not, but does it matter?? And I wont wear it during class, so¬†no one¬†can tell me of, it’s not like¬†I’m breaking any rules or anything.¬†But¬†I’m not doing this to all rebellious or¬†annoying¬†anything¬†like that. I’m doing it because for all those people that don’t know me,¬†I wont be totally forgotten.¬†For example:

Person 1: Hey you remember that girl who left here in the summer?

Person 2: No.

Person 1: She was the weirdo that wore the moose hat.

Person 2: Oh yeah. She was odd.

They’ll remember as me being odd. Weird. And I am! Who cares what bad things people might say about me, I want to make the most of my time I have left here, and that’s what I’m going to do! ūüėÄ

Thanks for listening. ūüôā


Average English weather.

weather in England

Just your average weather in England. *sigh* It was meant to be the hottest day of the year yesterday, however it started raining!! ūüėģ It may have been sunny in some places, but not for us!¬†No fair.

Today is Independence day in America, so our school is having an American day when we have to dress in something American-like I said yesterday.¬† So I came dressed as a Native American!¬†I love my costume, so much that I’m still¬†wearing it now! Some people did give me a double-look, but I also got lot’s smiles. ūüôā So¬†not as bad as Monday then-phew.

And¬†enjoy your Independence day! ūüėÄ

A revolution! With some help from Nathan.

Visited my new school today¬†and I’m not entirely sure if I like it or not. The classrooms are all cool (but we had to look through the windows because everyone was doing their exams), they have a great Green-house and the gym is awesome. (But not as great as the one I went to yesterday!) However, the library¬†had more computers then books (OK, not really, but there wasn’t many!) and there¬†was also the BIG problem of¬†uniform:

All girls have to wear skirts.  

How is that fair?? I haven’t worn a skirt since I was, I dunno, 6 or something, unless you count skorts, we have to wear those for PE at my currant school. (Skirt¬†+¬†shorts= skort. They’re horrible!!) We also have to wear blazers because apparently, “Schools that wear blazers are more likely to do better in their exams.” I have no idea how this works, but I’m not bothered about them. I want to WHY girls aren’t even allowed a choice if they want to wear skirts or trousers. That’s all I want. A choice for other people like me to be able to chose if they want to wear trousers or skirts. Lots of people want to-but I clearly DON’T.

Uniform is good and all, it prevents people from getting distracted, it reduces bullying, but there is difference between uniform and¬†obsessive uniform.¬†For example, my school¬†I’m in now, is over obsessive.

We have to wear shirt, ties-all that. (But we have a choice of trousers or skirts.) But they change it practically every year. In fact, they’re changing all the trousers and skirts just to¬†make a slight change to the design and to add a weeny label. ūüėģ And last week they called a whole-school assembly JUST to tell us about these changes.¬†¬†¬†¬†

But the problem is, they tell everyone this¬†all the time! Seriously; and they’re probably going to change the uniform¬†again next year. Anyway, after that assembly, they gave everyone a letter about everything they had just told us a billion times before. We had to sign it and hand it back in later, but I would be long-gone by the new school year. (I didn’t even read it!) So you know what I did with it??





Join the revolution! ūüėÄ

A big shock!

As soon as I walked through the school gates yesterday, waiting for me was a bunch of my classmates. One of them asked me if I could fix their pen, and they handed it to me. I clicked the top of it-hard. As soon as I did, it was if a thin snake had darted up my arm. No-in my arm! It rattled every bone in my arm, shaking my fingers violently. What was it? An electric shock, of course.


However, it wasn’t as severe as in¬†this picture¬†though.¬† Still a big shock though! Haha! But lots of people¬†were laughing at me. Not so good. At least I wasn’t the only person who was pranked that day…hehehe…. ūüėÄ