13 word Horror Story-40

Haunted house,

in the dead of night.

“Ahhhh! A ghost!”

What a fright!

My “100 posts” achievement looks like this….

Hooooray!! 😀


I am a ghost?!

You Are a Ghost

Mysterious, independent, and often unseen – you always do things your own way.
You are introverted, shy, and even a little secretive.
People are dying to know you better, but you’re a difficult person to know.
A lot of your contributions to the world are left invisible and unfelt.Your greatest power: Blending in really well

Your greatest weakness: Being too passive

You play well with: Witches

Just did this brilliant quiz on Blogthings (link above) and it turned out I am a ghost! Well, not literally, but…whatever. But one thing is for sure: I am NOT too passive! And I really hope my contributions to the world will not be, “left invisible and unfelt”. I think I am more of a Poltergeist, in characteristics though. I wonder if there is a quiz for that…? I’m sure there is, have a look at the website, it is Epical! 🙂

13 word Horror Story-36

I do miss my dead daughter…now I wish she’d leave me alone.

Ghosts just don’t know when to stop, do they? They take haunting so seriously; I don’t know whether my house is haunted or not. Its over a hundred years old, but don’t think anyone (or anything!) had died here. But there is always the out-of-place creak of the floorboards, or odd, looming shadow….

13 word Horror Stories-13


Humans-urgh! Such party poopers.

“Don’t be so stupid,” she whispered. “ghosts can’t hurt people!” 

Famous last words.

Haha-think again! By the way, the red spills on the picture are NOT blood! No, I just got some red pen ink and kind of “spilt” it. So…what is the point of this picture? If you’re in a haunted house and hear spooky music blaring out of a locked room, don’t try and break the door open…run away. Fast. 

13 word Horror Stories-12 (And some life saving ghost-hunting advice.)

This is a highly annoying and stupid mistake some people make when writing horror stories. Here is a quick 13-word example….

“Oh gosh!” I gasped. “A dead body!! Lets continue into this haunted mansion.”

Any sane person would think, “Ahhhhhggggg!!! A dead body! Quick-lets get outa here!!” But no, according to these kids, if you find a dead body in a haunted house-it’s perfectly normal (And safe. Don’t forget safe.) to carry on exploring. Don’t! You really don’t want to be know as the idiot who thought it was a cool idea to practically hand themselves over to a ghost club!

Honestly…I’d leave it to the Ghost Busters. Unless you are a Ghost Buster-then your kind of stuck.

“Hunted by the Haunted”

This is my horror story I told you about yesterday, enjoy!

It all started when a skeleton popped out of the fridge. I knew it was fake, I knew Peter had put it there to attempt to frighten me, but I was still flaming angry.

“Peter!!” I yelled. He stuck his tong out at me, and sped up the stairs. Smart move. Instead of chasing after him (I knew I would probably kill him!!) I ran off outside to my secret woods.

I run to my secret woods when I need time for myself. When I need to get away from everyone. However, when I sat under my usual tree, I was not alone.

A mole popped out of the ground, and he wasn’t shy. He waddled over to me, and I noticed he looked a lot like my brother.

“I’ll call you Peter,” I said, scooping him up. He nuzzled into my arms. Suddenly-a clap of thunder shook the sky, bombs of rain falling down on us.

“Oh no!” I cried, and with Peter still in my arms, I sprinted off into the deep woods. I knew where I was going. But, as I ran off, I came across something I’d never seen before in my woods….

“A hidden house! Wow Peter, quick, let’s get in.”

This house looked too old and tumbledown for anyone to live in, and was cobweb world inside. At least it kept the rain out.

As I thought I was alone, Peter still wrapped up in my jumper, I saw a limp, dusty figure materialise ahead of me. I jolted. I knew what this was.

A ghost.

“You…you…you’re a GHOST!” I wailed, stepping back.

“Well observed.” It said sarcastically.

“I mean, uh, uhhh, w-who are you?!” I stammered.

A look of sadness descended over the ghost’s pale, lost face. “I knew who I was this morning…I knew my mummy, my daddy…everyone. Now I can’t even remember my own name. THAT’S how long I’ve been here!”

Suddenly Peter wriggled and squirmed – then bit me! “Ow-” I let him drop onto the floor and run behind my legs.

“I don’t go down well with animals”, the Ghost said matter-of-factly.

“I noticed” I replied. “So, um, if you don’t mind me asking…how did you become a ghost?”

“I can’t remember and I don’t want to,” snapped the ghost angrily “but I do know I have some pretty wicked powers.…” I coughed fearfully as Peter scurried off. Quick as a wink the ghost flew up to me, its luminous red eyes starring deep into mine.

“I want to try out these powers. But not you, no…..you better make a suggestion – quick snap

I gulped fearfully. “Well I have this little brother Peter, he is very annoying.”

“Ahhhhh, yes interesting.”

 “I don’t like him. Scare the life out of him for all I care.”

“I’ll do just that but first…..How keen are you on ghosts?”

I gulped.

“I’m getting a bit lonely here and –“

“But-but what about Peter?! Make HIM a ghost. Not me!!” I backed away my heart beating and racing like a drum.

“Peter?” the ghost grinned evilly, “maybe tomorrow…”

This story was for a compatition, where we had to pick characters, scenes, plots, etc etc…. “Peter the Mole” was my character. That is why it is so random. Thanks for reading!