The worst way to get bored.

As moving house is only a few weeks ahead, my parents have been bugging me to get rid of some books I don’t need. “Get rid of books??” Preposterous!!

But shovelling around in my bookcase, I managed to find a small pile of books that I hadn’t touched for years, so they were of to the Charity Shop. My Mum also found lots of old newspaper cut-outs, birthday cards (made by my brother and sister, and me as a really little kid! 😀 ) and other random rubbish. Some we kept for sentimental values, and others because some of the cards had hilariously bad drawings on them! 🙂

I also found some really cute-but lots of times embarrassing-photos of myself when I was really young. The most embarrassing one was one that had two of my friends in it to, all with childish grins on our faces! My best friend has that photo on her phone (oh NO! 😮 ) and won’t let me forget about it!

But tidying, organising, neatening, any of that sort of stuff makes me loose the will to live. It saps all the energy out of me and drains me of power hours after. What a way to get bored! (Number 1 way to get bored, actually!)

Sticking with the Disney/Pixar themed films like yesterday, today I watched “Toy Story 1”, and realised how bad the animations were…. But it was one of the first animated films, and is a awesome trilogy, but I kind of hope they don’t make a 4th, because it might not be as good as the others.

Thanks for reading-happy holidays! 🙂


My Venus Trash-Trap!

My Venus Trash-Trap!

I once entered a competition were you had to make something cool, useful, or decorative out of scrap materials. I made not a Flytrap, but a TRASHtrap! The cardboard one on the far left is Muncher, the one in the middle is Baby, and the one on the right is Credit-Crunch. These guys are the ones who inspired me to buy the Snappers.
To make them I used biscuit and sweet packets, credit cards (duh) loo-rolls, plastic cups an old word search, a soup can… all sorts! Sadly, I didn’t win the competition, but I still keep my Trashtrap as company. 🙂

Sport relief 2014!!

As it was Sport relief yesterday, my school invited us to run a mile around the field at lunch time. I signed up! Unfortunately… it had started raining just as lunch time began. Noooooo! Of all times to rain!! But I really felt sorry for the person who said they were going to CARTWHEEL around the muddy field….

Luckily the rain eased down, but it was still spitting and the wind was still whipping our faces as me and my best friend jogged/walked/span/skipped/walked backwards around the field. However, despite feeling knackered at the end of the mile, I knew other people had walked, cycled, and swam lots more miles then us!! But we raised some money, and that was the whole aim of the day! 😀