The sleepover was great yesterday/today. Me and my friend mucked around tons and also watched The Lego Movie. It was her first time watching it!! So I’ll leave you a poster I made on Keep-calm-o-matic, an awesome website that lets you make your own “KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON” posters, professionally.

Have I already told you about this?

Meh, never mind. Have a try in the link above. 🙂

 keep calm and stay awesome

You’ll find the poster cooler if you’ve seen the film itself!


13 word Horror Stories-32

Have a very merry apocalypse and a happy end to all of humanity!

Exactly the sort of thing you’d find on a birthday or Christmas card during a apocalypse. Oh no-what about Halloween?? That’s a pretty terrible time for a zombie apocalypse to start!


By the way I am not obsessed with the “KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON” merchandise. I only like to make my own! 🙂

Ways to get myself out of bed on a Monday morning no.1


Made this myself on a Epical website, but I need it as a giant poster on my ceiling so on mornings like today when I slyly open my eyes, all I can see is that. Or I could use a special bed that, at the right time, slats to the side, so I role onto the floor-that would wake me up! Hope all you have fun on the website as well. 🙂