Odd weather.


Now’s the time for parachutes. ūüôā


Frogs in the garden!

There’s always been frogs in my garden, but Nathan is always there to chase them of. One time, she had one cornered, but it played dead…and it worked! She became much more cautious, giving it time to¬†spring away.

Anyway, the frogs¬†all have their hiding spaces, some risk the hedge, lots like the bushes at the back of the garden, but today we found a little family of them hiding in an old Butler sink we use to hold flower pots! They used the hole as an escape root into the tall, shady grass, away from Nathan’s prying nose. We found them when my mum moved a flower pot,¬†revealing their hiding spot. There was a very big frog, and a smaller one.¬†However, I only managed to catch the smaller frog on camera!

DSC_0041 DSC_0042 DSC_0043


Just ignore the creepy dwarf. ūüôā

A revolution! With some help from Nathan.

Visited my new school today¬†and I’m not entirely sure if I like it or not. The classrooms are all cool (but we had to look through the windows because everyone was doing their exams), they have a great Green-house and the gym is awesome. (But not as great as the one I went to yesterday!) However, the library¬†had more computers then books (OK, not really, but there wasn’t many!) and there¬†was also the BIG problem of¬†uniform:

All girls have to wear skirts.  

How is that fair?? I haven’t worn a skirt since I was, I dunno, 6 or something, unless you count skorts, we have to wear those for PE at my currant school. (Skirt¬†+¬†shorts= skort. They’re horrible!!) We also have to wear blazers because apparently, “Schools that wear blazers are more likely to do better in their exams.” I have no idea how this works, but I’m not bothered about them. I want to WHY girls aren’t even allowed a choice if they want to wear skirts or trousers. That’s all I want. A choice for other people like me to be able to chose if they want to wear trousers or skirts. Lots of people want to-but I clearly DON’T.

Uniform is good and all, it prevents people from getting distracted, it reduces bullying, but there is difference between uniform and¬†obsessive uniform.¬†For example, my school¬†I’m in now, is over obsessive.

We have to wear shirt, ties-all that. (But we have a choice of trousers or skirts.) But they change it practically every year. In fact, they’re changing all the trousers and skirts just to¬†make a slight change to the design and to add a weeny label. ūüėģ And last week they called a whole-school assembly JUST to tell us about these changes.¬†¬†¬†¬†

But the problem is, they tell everyone this¬†all the time! Seriously; and they’re probably going to change the uniform¬†again next year. Anyway, after that assembly, they gave everyone a letter about everything they had just told us a billion times before. We had to sign it and hand it back in later, but I would be long-gone by the new school year. (I didn’t even read it!) So you know what I did with it??





Join the revolution! ūüėÄ

The Pack!

So I missed a post yesterday. And the one before that wasn’t up-to-scratch either. But I’ve been busy,¬†practically all¬†of yesterday was in school¬†or in the car for 5 hours. BRILLIANT. But as me and my family are moving house in the Summer Holiday very near here¬†(I reeeeeeeeeaaly don’t want to!!!!!!) we need to look at our new schools. Hip-hip-horray. ūüė¶

Anyway, here I am, exhausted after just coming back from Gymnastics class (this is Freestyle gymnastics-with trampolines, foam pits and networks of deadly metal poles, all really fun! But as it was my first time, I did badly. Well, I’m very very sure I did.¬†But I’m not going to be a pro on my first go am I??) relaxing on the comfy chair. And I’m starving. *rumble rumble*

There are two other dogs here where we’re staying, Dittio and Rosie. Ditto is a big, black Labrador and Rosie is a Jack Russell. you’d think Nathan would be thrilled to have another Jack Russell¬†around to play with, but its always:¬†“I’m pack leader! Me me me!!” as the pictures show.


“I’m Alpha wolf-lie down CUB!” They’re only playing. ūüôā


Ditto wants to join in!


Ditto, chilling in the sun.


Nathan, about to pounce.


This first photo of Rosie failed as she tried to sniff the camera….


Here’s a better one!

And one more….


Look out for dragons! ūüėÄ

Happy 100!! Plus a tiny dog.

Hello everyone, believe it or not (well, why would I lie?? Hehehe….) this exact post is also my 100th!! Whoo-hoo! ūüėÄ So it’s been roughly 4 months since my first post, and 100 later and I’ve got 58 followers, 438 views and 76 comments, to be precise. Wow!¬†Thanks to all those enduring loyal followers that have stuck with me for all those weeks. ūüôā

Anyway, walking home from school today (by myself because I had just been to athletics club. I’m not a brilliantly sporty person, I just enjoy all those jumping sports) and I was passing through the park.¬†A couple with a Chihuahua (I will NEVER be able to spell that!) and a pram were ahead of me. I then saw the woman stop, bend down and put something on the floor. I hadn’t noticed she’d been carrying anything, so I was stunned when the tiniest little dog crawled out of her hand!! ūüėģ

I cant explain how weeny this thing was. Okay, I can. It could¬†comfortably sit in the woman’s hand, and still¬†have room¬†to¬†move.¬†Think of a rat-ordinary sized-that dog was about the size of a¬†RAT. If a bit smaller! I couldn’t believe how miniscule this animal was.¬†The woman behind me and her son seemed as shocked as me (“Oh my God-look how small that dog is!”).¬†However, the other dog seemed a bit annoyed that he wasn’t getting any of the attention.

Despite its size, I wasn’t sure¬†what breed this dog was. It actually didn’t look like a Chihuahua, more of a Beagle. Could they get that small though? Surprisingly, that dog wasn’t very timid, as I expected it to be. It waddled along¬†happily¬†between it owner and the other dog. It didn’t have a lead-if the dog dared run away it wouldn’t get very far as it couldn’t run very fast!

I have seen teeny-tiny dogs, humongous wolf dogs, crazy curly-haired dogs-but this dog is defiantly on my list of most oddest dogs I have ever seen!¬†ūüėÄ ¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

Thanks for reading. ūüôā