The school bus leaked again last week.

And I’m not talking water (the bus has leaked water plenty of times!), for the second time this year it leaked oil.

The first time was earlier this year, and at the back of the bus above some annoying year 11 girls heads (it’s a LONG story….) oil started to leak on them. Wailing, they all rushed to the front making it even more crowded. I was near the front, so I hadn’t bother to move…until some dripped onto my blazer and my bag.

I couldn’t use my bag for the next day, and everything really stank! But last week it was a whole lot worse-the bus was smoking! It was pretty scary actually, but what I know of, the bus didn’t blow up, and I’m still here in one piece.

But it would have only took one lit cigarette on the road and-



At least school would have been cancelled. 😀


A true Halloween nightmare

Happy Halloween!!

IMG_0150[1]OK, I know it’s five days late, but there’s always time for anyone to have some Halloween fun. 🙂 I made this mask for a scare-maze I did with some friends at the Youth Center. I was a psychopath that waved around a (plastic) meat cleaver chopping up a body, pulling out their intestines while they screamed.

It was fake though, I’m not that crazy. 😛

A friend’s head was poking out through a table and a fake body was lying on it, which I tore to pieces. There was jelly inside of it that I threw around and plenty of fake blood. I don’t think the people running it expected me to make such a mess, as when they watched mine and my friends performance they seemed scared with all her screaming and worried how they were going to get the jelly and fake blood stains off the walls.

My hands were literally COVERED in fake blood, and so was my mask and my boiler suit! 😀

I had so much fun though, and miss all my buddies lots, but the real Halloween nightmare happens to me and many other people my age every day….


I thought I hated my old school, but this one is ten times worse. For a start, all girls have to wear skirts. They’re only doing it so we can look smart, but there are other ways of doing it! I tried for the school council, so hopefully I can become a member and change things for good.

The problem is that as I’ve just started my new school a few weeks ago, nobody knows me. And no matter what, in school and in other situations, everyone is always going to take their best friend’s sides. I will try, and even if I don’t make it on School Council there are other ways of making change.

Thanks for reading. 🙂


Ever have those days when you wake up late, get up late, eat late and just laze around and do nothing all day and the days just flies by and then it gets late and you realise you’ve wasted your day doing…nothing? Sadly, that to me, is everyday. Well, not everyday, but lots of days. Like today.

What have I done today? Not much. I haven’t wasted my day though, I think….. I have a week (roughly) here at home until me and my family go camping. And because I’m moving house, and schools, I get a extra week more then my friends of holiday because my new school ended school a week later. 😀 It may be mean…but it’ll be kind of fun to rub it in their faces! No-no, I’m not that mean…. 🙂

It may be a short post today, but I’ll leave you with a Superdoodle I did earlier. I love drawing these, when I’m bored I draw them, and sometimes I get so carried away they get really big with all sorts of random stuff in them.

Thanks for listening-and bye! 🙂


March on mooses!

Wow-two more days left of school! I cant believe it. And because Thursday will be my last day, I’ve decided I’m going to be remembered in this school. My name is already on a reward plaque that I won, and I know there are plenty of students (and maybe teachers) that will never forget me, but now I have another idea.

Take a look at this moose/reindeer hat I got a few Christmases ago….

DSC_0109If I wear this in the Summer term, it’s sure to get me noticed. So on the last day-that’s what I’m going to wear!!

I’m not sure if its non-uniform or not, but does it matter?? And I wont wear it during class, so no one can tell me of, it’s not like I’m breaking any rules or anything. But I’m not doing this to all rebellious or annoying anything like that. I’m doing it because for all those people that don’t know me, I wont be totally forgotten. For example:

Person 1: Hey you remember that girl who left here in the summer?

Person 2: No.

Person 1: She was the weirdo that wore the moose hat.

Person 2: Oh yeah. She was odd.

They’ll remember as me being odd. Weird. And I am! Who cares what bad things people might say about me, I want to make the most of my time I have left here, and that’s what I’m going to do! 😀

Thanks for listening. 🙂

4 days….

teenager post 1

So, so true. 🙂

I can’t believe there’s only four days left of school until the Summer Holidays! (Not including weekends and next Friday because we have those days off.) Wow, honestly I can still remember my first week in the new school year like it was yesterday.

Picture credit to Teenager Posts, they’re hilarious-but true! Read more here.


Average English weather.

weather in England

Just your average weather in England. *sigh* It was meant to be the hottest day of the year yesterday, however it started raining!! 😮 It may have been sunny in some places, but not for us! No fair.

Today is Independence day in America, so our school is having an American day when we have to dress in something American-like I said yesterday.  So I came dressed as a Native American! I love my costume, so much that I’m still wearing it now! Some people did give me a double-look, but I also got lot’s smiles. 🙂 So not as bad as Monday then-phew.

And enjoy your Independence day! 😀

A walk in the park!

You know that 6 and a half walk mile walk I was meant to be doing today at school? Well I did it, and it was fun, but really tiring. We were also allowed to go in costume, and I went as Katniss Everdeen. However, not very surprisingly, I was the only one who bothered to dress up. In the whole school, no teachers, NO students dressed up….

Except me.

Lot of people made stupid comments, but I just shunned them. I wanted to have fun and dress up-so why shouldn’t I? I wanted to do something different for a change, and just because some people made it more embarrassing then it should be, why should I have not done it? It was great though. The walk, my costume (a camouflage t-shirt with ripped grey combat trousers, Katniss’s hair, the Hunger Games mockingjay pin and fake smudges and scars over my face-most people laughed at this.), all of it! 🙂

Afterwards was brilliant to. I went round town for a bit with my friend, then went back to her house to die of exhaustion. We had been walking ALL day! which I normally just get on Fridays, so that was a brilliant treat! So despite walking for hours on end, annoying school kids and blazing hot weather (second thoughts…how is that a bad thing?!) I think today has been great.

I also got to miss maths….:D