Ways to get myself out of bed on a Monday morning no.1


Made this myself on a Epical website, but I need it as a giant poster on my ceiling so on mornings like today when I slyly open my eyes, all I can see is that. Or I could use a special bed that, at the right time, slats to the side, so I role onto the floor-that would wake me up! Hope all you have fun on the website as well. 🙂        


Me-on Easter holiday morning. (A quick scetch.)

When it comes to sleeping, I’m as bad as Nathan. My morning lie-ins are VERY important to me. So you want to know what I’m doing this Easter holiday?? Just have a look over at the picture.

Actually, I have been doing a lot more lately. I’m practising for this play me and my best friend are doing in two weeks (AHHHHHHH!!), so I’m jam-packed with rehearsals this holiday.

I also had a Chinese takeaway (with chips-yum!) to celebrate the start of many more blissful lie-ins…I can’t wait!