I have returned….

I’m back! How are you? I was camping in Wales with my family and some of their friends in a really cool campsite with a massive lake in the middle, with a forest surrounding it. It was great fun exploring and Nathan really enjoyed herself to. 🙂

Oh and I am sorry for not doing many posts this summer. I’m going away so much camping or whatever, there’s either no WiFi or no time to blog. I’ll keep trying, but when I move it’ll take a while to set the internet up as well so there might not be many posts then as well. 😦

Anyway, I haven’t mentioned this before, but I have an obsession with notebooks. I love them, and all throughout when I was little I would buy loads of them and I would fill them with weird drawings, odd stories and disturbing diaries. I had hundreds (yeah-seriously, well maybe just a hundred) notebooks filled with them. And I would always be buying more. But with The Move coming up, I needed to throw away tons of my belongings/junk. Including my mountain of notebooks.

I could still save lots of them, but also lots had to go. But surprisingly is wasn’t much of a problem, as lots of the notebooks had when I was young was filled with rubbish anyway. But-of course-my mum had to save a few of them. The ones with the embarrassing stories I never finished writing, or the ones with crazy looking drawings in them!

There’s still a lot more preparing to do before the move, and even though I’ve done quite a bit in my room, there’s still more horrors waiting for me to be found….

Thank you for reading! 🙂


Food fights and ghost stories.

I’m back from the sleepover now (duh) and had a brilliant time. We stayed up until 3 in the morning (well some of us did!) and feel terrible now. That’s me. 😦 Actually, I went to sleep at half 1, after telling ghost stories to everyone-mwahahahaha!

Unfortunately, I was woken up again at 3 by some of the other girls, who had decided that instead of curling up in their toasty warm sleeping bags, they wanted to go “star-gazing” on the hill in the garden. (???) All they really did was make a lot of noise.

There was also a food-fight at dinner, also in the garden. We were eating some gross crisps that none of us liked, so one thing led to another, and before we knew it, the grass was littered with cheesy crisps, and so were we.

So my weekend was Epical-was yours? I’d like to hear in the comments! 🙂

13 word Horror Stories-5

“I dunno’ about this camping trip-what about wolves?”


“W-wolfs?! WHAT wolves?!”

What is it with me and werewolves/wolves?? They always seem to pop up in my writing. However, I think they’re so cool, they’re worth writing about.

Here’s a little “wolf” I live with that I live with, looking like she’s ready to howl….


“The men who howled”-horror story.

I wrote this short story a few years ago, enjoy!


It is a dark and stormy night. Two men stood talking on the top of a farm hillside.

“Zombies, ghosts… vampires,” one sighed. “who believes in all that nonsense? I mean, if you believe all that lot, then pigs can fly!”

“Those farmers would have a hard time controlling them!” exclaimed the second.

“Hawhawhawhawhawhawhaw!” the men chuckled, placing their hairy hands onto their round, broad stomachs.

“They’ll have a hard time tonight, anyway.” one of them muttered. The second man nodded his head in agreement.

Suddenly, the wind started to howl, and as if on cue, the fog parted in the sky to reveal the glowing, full moon. The silvery rays shined down on the two men, and if you were watching them that windy night, you would have seen them, well, change….  

“I’ve been waitin’ for this all month!” said the first man. His voice no longer sounded like his, it was more of a growl.

“Great spot as well. Those cows look reeeeeeaaaaaly delicious….” Fur started to sprout from every corner of the man’s body, and now, he didn’t have a nose, just a long pointed snout.


The two men could no longer speak English. But they didn’t need to now, as because they had already bounded down the grassy hill and into the nearby farm.

On all four of their legs.

Two spine-tingling howls broke the peace in the meadows, but this time, it wasn’t the wind….  

Spooky Story!!

I love writing, it’s one of my biggest hobbies. Along with dragon drawing, of course. Today I finished writing another spooky story for a competition. 500 words, more or less. I’ll post it tomorrow! So look out-and prepared to be scared, mwahahahahaha….

(Don’t panic-it’s not really very scary! Just a bit a bit spooky. But who dosen’t enjoy a good spooky story??)