“Wiggles is watching”-short Horror Story (by me)

Last post I mentioned about leaving a hidden note for someone to find in my house. Something creepy, of course. So I wrote on a teeny letter a short horror story. I had to shorten so much I re-wrote it to make it better to post…what would you do if you found it? 🙂

Dear reader,

If you are reading this you must have brought this house. Or you’re a robber. Either way, drop everything, and continue to read this-if you care for your family and friend’s life.

When I first moved to the house you’re in now, I made a massive fuss about it. So to shut me up, my parents bribed me with a pet. But I unlike other children my age offered a pet; I didn’t go for a fish, dog, cat or hamster…but a green and brown snake.

My parents would have said “no” if he wasn’t so small (and cheap). So that day I walked back to my new house with a big glass box, with a small timid snake curled up inside. I had never been happier!

I called my snake Wiggles, because with me he was quite playful, but not to anyone else. He didn’t like any of my family-no matter how much they bribed him with dead (sometimes live!) mice he wouldn’t come out of his plastic bushes he hid in sometimes.

However, all animals grow over time, and Wiggles was no exception. By the end of the year he was over a metre long…and continued to grow.

At that time I had trusted to let Wiggles to have a slither around my room instead of being confined to his box. (There weren’t many his size now!) But Wiggles had always been an escape artist, always up for a snack, and bad tempered, so he couldn’t stop himself when he saw a member of my family. Wiggles was that big, he tried to swallow them alive.

After plenty of attempts, my parents said I had to get rid of Wiggles some way, or they would; in their own way. I was outraged!! Wiggles was my Best Friend-I couldn’t get rid of him! But I didn’t. I hid him.

I took a while (I hid Wiggles in lots of different places during that time) but starting behind my wardrobe, I made some tunnels inside the walls big enough for Wiggles to live in. I don’t think I saw him again after that, but I still knew he was there.

I could hear him.

Rustling, sometimes hissing, pressing his tail against the floorboards making them creak…I knew he was there. I still left plenty of food out for him to show I still cared for him, and our secret friendship stayed that way for years.

Until my parents decided to move house again.

For me it was a disaster-I had to leave Wiggles, and I couldn’t even express my sadness to anyone in case I got in trouble. But there was no stopping my parents, after years of friendship I had to leave him.

So, reader, in your new house, if you hear any odd noises at night, or in the day, doesn’t be scared. It’s only Wiggles. And he may be metres and metres and metres long now, and very, very hungry, but just try to stay out of his way, and you should be safe.

Oh, and to be on the safe side, feed him.

He prefers his meals alive.




“Stranded Sally”-horror story (by me)

Here’s todays horror story, although I’m not sure it’s horror…but I’ll leave that for you to decide. 🙂 Enjoy!

The hot sun beated down on Sally’s back, burning her to a crisp. Hunger was like a beast clawing inside her empty stomach. Feed me! it was crying. NOW!!

“Shut up.” she said. Sally halted in the burning sand. “Great. Now I’m talking to myself.”

She continued striding through boiling sand, her bare feet scratched by the occasional stone. The desert stretched from miles and miles around her, green, pointy cactuses bursting out the ground.

She tried to think of how she ended up here…she last remembered she was at a beach, found a cove and went exploring. She hadn’t meant to go too far, but before she knew it endless sand was all around her, and the sea or any people were nowhere to seen.

But she couldn’t focus on that now, she needed food-fast. And water, her throat felt as dry as sandpaper. But where?

But she was so exhausted, the heat was relentless, and all Sally wanted to do was collapse on the ground and sleep. But if she did, would she wake up?

To make things worse, a hill was up ahead. She didn’t have the energy to climb that! But it was the hill or…or what? Sally didn’t want to know. So she gritted her teeth and powered on.

Sally slipped, skidded, and pulled herself up the steep hill. Her hair, clothes and fingernails were clogged with grains of sand, and her arms and legs were shaking so hard it felt as if she wasn’t in control of them anymore.

She reached the top of the hill panting hard and sweating. Sally toppled onto her knees. She couldn’t make it. She was too tired. She fell onto the burning sand face first. Hopefully death won’t be too painful. She thought sadly.

Sally heard something odd. FOOTSTEPS! Not believing her ears, her head flicked up. Walking up the hill were two sweating, dark brown skinned men. They both wore pilot helmets and one had goggles around his neck.

“Oh thank God!” Sally burst. She stood up, and began wailing at the two men.

“I was on the beach and I went exploring and I got lost, a-and now I’m lost in this desert and I-I’m boiling hot and hungry and thirsty and I d-dunno where I am and I’m really really tired and if you just give me some food a-and water and help me back to the beach I’ll be okay!”

The two men looked shocked, and then began talking in strong, unrecognisable language. “You know…we were just about to ask you the same thing!”