Odd weather.


Now’s the time for parachutes. 🙂


13 word Horror Story-24 and 25

A thunderbolt cracked over the hellish mansion.

“Home sweet home,” I groaned grudgingly.


“Brush your teeth!” said daddy vampire.

“Or no human snacks!” replied vampire-junior.

Right now I’m listening to Horrible Histories songs while typing. What?? They’re brilliant! Shame they don’t make them anymore. I enjoy acting, and honestly, I would have loved to be a actor in it. Not any more! Okay, its a bit distracting, but I’m doing some of my two favourite things: writing/blogging, and listening to music.

Horrible Histories may be for children, but it’s educational, so that makes it alright. Hey-I bet you watch kid’s shows as well! Tell me about it. Maybe I should become a History teacher. Yes, just, sit the kids in front of a T.V and make them watch H.H all lesson long.

Were do I sign up?! 🙂